How-To share your Linux PC keyboard & mouse with your Amiga

Hello fellow nerds! Have you been missing a synnergy-like solution for sharing your comfy Linuc PC and mouse with your Amiga? Well I did... This is a type of soltion for the problem. Simply use VNC and extend your Xorg desktop to the left or right of your PC monitor, depending on where your Amiga monitor is located.

What you need

You will need to have a TCP/IP stack running on your Amiga - And sadly the best available VNC server for AmigaOS is only working on 68020 and better. In my case I have a RTG-equiped machine with 68060. Download AmiVNC from AmiNET:

And install it on your Amiga. Start it with AmiVNC -p<password> once before going forward. This will generate an encrypted password-file in S:

On your Linux PC install x2vnc which should be available in your distribution.

Set it all up

Fire up AmiVNC on your Amiga somehow. I start it in my TCP/IP-stack online- script (Miami). It listens on default port 5900 and i lower the refresh rate to get a snappier experience with mouse and keyboard only:

AmiVNC -v -d1000

On your Linux PC side start the x2vnc client and position the screen in some direction from your ordinary desktop. In my case I have two HDMI monitors and left of them the Amiga monitor is located. So I put it "west" of my two ordinary monitors:

x2vnc -west AMIGA_IP:0

Change the AMIGA_IP to your Amiga's IP obviously.

This will set up a "virtual" screen left of my other two screens and when moving the mouse pointer outside of my leftmost screen it will slide in to the Amiga screen.... Well... You get the idea.

That's it! I hope you enjoy your expensive PC keyboard/mouse combo to control your Amiga.

NOTE: Some keys will not work as expected. So this is not a full blown perfect solution yet.

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Kind regards,

Your nerd friend AiO