Retro computer notes

This page contains (or rather will contain) various tips'n'tricks for the older computers still in use in a modern world.

Yes. For now there is only one document, but I hope to gather a few things here, regarding connecting older computers to the internet in a safe manner.

Using SSLStrip to get Amigas online in 2018

This is a brief scribble on how to use a Rasprberry Pi to get your Amiga computers to be able to surf HTTPS pages without the use of AmiSSL:

Connect a C64/C128 to a BBS over internet

This is a short description on how to build a null-modem cable and connect it to a Raspbery Pi as bridge to the internet. A super cheap way to get BBSing

Chat with Facebook messenger, Hangouts, Skype and Telegram with your Amiga

This is a hand-waving text about how you can use your favorite Amiga IRC client to connect to the modern world internet chat protocols and your "normal" friends that does not have a clue about what Internet Relay Chat is. :)

Use your Linuc PC keyboard/mouse to control your Amiga (like Synergy)

A simple solution to get a Synergy-like operation of your favourite Amiga

Please give me feedback in the texts.

Blogs - What's that?! This is text-files in RST format converted to HTML. Awesome stuff :D.

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