Welcome to AiO Secure Teletronics!

AiO Secure Teletronics provide simple solutions to complex problems. We specialize in Linux and Open Source and our current best thinking is 'Why provide what others provide so well already' when it comes to IT solutions for Microsoft Windows and other Proprietary software. We stick to our part of the segment, as much as possible.

Consultant services

We provide services within the IT-security sector, and Agile frame-works. For example we are experts in;

We have certified Scrum competence and provide:

Other services:

Besides the business-related activities we also take part of the Open Source community with various projects.

Let's team-up and make the world a better place!


Software developemnt projects are all available on GitHub as Open Source. Feel free to browse the repositories.

On-line services

Customer support

Contact us via e-mail or phone. For our customers we provide chat-service via both private IRC or Jabber on our own secure servers, where no-one can eavesdrop and nothing is logged. For file-transfers we provide customized SSH / SFTP . You can send us mail using PGP if you want the mail contents to be encrypted.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.